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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 01:16

Welcome to the website of HP DECO

Established in 2010, HP Deco has gradually asserted its brand with professionalism in service and product quality. For 7 years, HP Deco has received the trust of many famous clients such as PETRO VIETNAM Group, NIKE, PLAYBOY, MC.2, Celio ... In the pace of development of society, the business  industry is increasingly demanding a more professional service. Not only aesthetic design, HP Deco always listen to customers’s needs to have an effective design, continuous innovation to create adequate space and service  development objectives of the business. HP Deco proud:

As the company provides consulting services package, design and complete construction of professional, scientific roadmap, clear and competitive prices.

Confident with the fastest progress of construction, our customers are always surprised by the finishing time exceeded expectations.

HP Deco always ensure the product quality, after-sales service is appreciated to satisfy our customers

The strength of HP Deco is a professional staff consisting of architects and engineers who are experienced and longtime reputation in the field of interior design. Employee talent is expressed through each design to the actual construction works. Some factors such as the optimization of energy, light, aesthetics and customer personality are considered when making design plans

We invite you to discover ..

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